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Vi danser følgende danse


Friends in low places Mariana Mambo

100% Texan

Getcha Good Mmwaah Stroll Along Cha Cha

Ace In The Hole

Ghost Train Mony Mony Suds In The Bucket

All Shook Up

Girls Night Out My Heart Sweet Sweet Smile


Git On Over Native American Sweetly Smiles

Arizona Ice Tea Stomp

Give Me Hope Jo'Anna New York New York Sweet Pea

Ballymore Boys

God Bless Texas Naughty But Nice T.L.C.

Be Gentle With Me

Got You Too No Tricks Tell Me Why

Billy B Bad

Happy Times Når Et Lys Tændes Teardrops in heaven

Billy Blue Lights

Heart Of An Angle Paddys Reel Tail Lights

Black Coffee

Heartbreaker Pice Of Cake Teach Me To Dance

Black Horse

High Test Love Picnic Polka Tequila Sunrise

Bosa Nova

Honkey Tonk Stomp Pizzericco The Freeze


Hot Poor Boy Blues The Rigt Waltz 4 U

Cheating Heart

Ice Breaker Pot Of Gold The Lasso

Cherokee Boogie

If Rebecca Rock Think Of Me

Cherry Poppin

I'll Try Red Hot Salsa Third Rock From The Sun


Iko Iko Reet Petite This Is Us


I Wanna Make Love To You Ribbon Of Highway To The Rock

Come Dance With Me

I Can't Dance Ridin' Tik A Tee

Country 2 step

I Like It I Love It Rio Top Of The World
Country Roads I Wanna Make Love To You Rita's Waltz Town Of Hope And Memories
Cowboy Charlston Irish Stew Rockabilly Riot Tricky Moon
Cowgirls Twist

It's Up To You

Rockin' The House Trust Me


Rodeo Hustle Trickle, Trickle
Cute Cute Cute

Just For Grins

Rolling home Two Of A Kind
Decent Guys From Muskogee

Just My Luck

Roman Holiday Up Country
Diamond Dixie

Kicking Butt

Rose A Lee Up Your Alley
Dirty Tush Push

Leaving Of Liverpool

Rough Cut Vertical Expression
Do Wap Be Doo Be Doo

Let's LeDoux It

Ruby Baby Waltz Arcoss Texas
Doctor Doctor

Kiss Me Honey

Scarp It Watch Me Now
Dreamer Lightning Polka

Sct. Emitri

When Its Over
Dune And Dusted

Little Squar

Sex On The Beach

Where Were Been
Electric Boogie

Linedance Bølgen


White Rose
Eye Of The Tiger

Live Laugh Love

Shala La La Who Did You Call Darlin'
F... It

Living Next Door To Alice

She Bangs Who I Am
Fais Do Do

Long Gone

Shuffle And Skip Who I Am (Hello Skærbæk)

Lover Boy

Skiff a billi Whole Again
Forever And Ever Magico Slapping Leather Wish I Kenw
Fiesta Cha Cha Mao Dance Speak To The Sky You Cant Stop Love
First Cha First Love Stars In Your Eyes


© Max Hansen Ølsted 5. marts 2008